Hear The Mix-Up bonus tracks

A number of readers have contacted us, requesting we post mp3s of the bonus tracks from The Mix-Up. Sorry, no can do. The bonus tracks are intended to encourage people to buy the album. C'mon, Adam Horovitz has a dog to feed!

Although we can't point you to mp3 downloads of the songs, we can point you to audio clips of the songs so you can hear them. Martijn at Beastieplaza.nl has posted short audio clips of the two bonus tracks on the Japanese version of the album:
"The Mix-Up"
"Fibonacci Sequence"

A third bonus track, titled "Biscuits and Butter," is an iTunes exclusive that is available only with the album download. An audio clip is available to hear in the iTunes Music Store.


5:27 AM Anonymous said...

What? Seriously? I have 2 CD's and I don't have bonus tracks. What am I missing?

8:18 PM Saber said...

the japanese cd

11:40 PM Hot Sauce said...

Dogs eat a lot of food.

3:25 AM Anonymous said...

Thanks for point out what I was missing. Why do they add bonus tracks on some but not all? I am an old dog and I'm still learning new tricks.

I wish I was Adam's dog. I would be his best friend.

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