Live at Roskilde: "Sabotage"

Photo credit: Kollaps

"Hi, everybody. Hellooo. Hey, over there by the hot dogs! Hiii! Over in the back, by the rollercoaster...hi."

Adam Horovitz shouted greetings to fans before the Beastie Boys performed their final song at the Roskilde Festival. The following audio download is a rip from an MTV Europe broadcast of the performance.
Sabotage (Live at Roskilde 2007) [3MB mp3 via sendspace]
Much thanks to Friis!


1:20 PM Saber said...


6:14 PM Danielle said...

It sounds like the Beastie Boys enjoyed Roskilde.

9:55 PM Hornblower said...

Do you know if the entire show was recorded?

9:58 PM Hot Sauce said...

Are you asking about an audience recording? I'm not aware of one existing.

9:51 PM friis said...

roskilde doesn't alow audio or video recordings, because MTV or a danish tv/radio station records stuff. I would asume MTV has recorded the whole thing. the radio station has posted other shows here ( but no beastie.
I think beastie will be on mtv Live!, but I'm not sure.

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