Heineken Open'er Festival talks with Adam Horovitz


Article translation by Midziheimerstein

Adam Horovitz Speaks
"Maybe they will like it?"

Open'er Festival Gazeta: Beastie Boys and New York are two inseparable things. So let's talk about the city.

Adam Horovitz: Whatever you want. It's your interview.

OFG: But it's with you.

AH: New York is a good topic. I can talk about it for hours. Go ahead and ask me something.

DSC02172OFG: A lot of people say that because of Mayor Guiliani's reforms, New York is not the same as it used to be. What's your opinion?

AH: Guiliani got rid of a lot of crime -- but fear has its charm. And it's so romantic! But seriously, the changes are really visible. Some of them are positive, like crime reduction and tourism attraction, but there's also a downside of getting rid of all the things that didn't fit Guiliani's idea of New York. All the sex shops disappeared, which is sad to me.

OFG: Sonic Youth played at the festival a day before you. Did you meet up with them in Gdynia?

AH: What for? We will meet somewhere in the Village. There wasn't any time to meet with them in Poland. But we're on really good terms with each other. I will say this: We play together, we toured together, we lend each other equipment. Isn't that enough togetherness? Ok. I'll say one more thing. I even eat at their houses, and they eat at mine. Ha! We even break bread together. That's something, isn't it?

OFG: You play two different concerts in Gdynia. Where do you get all this energy from?

AH: We come to the festival because we can play for an audience that is comprised of someone other than hardcore [Beastie Boys] fans. Most people only know three or four songs, and we have to play those songs for them. Period. However, when we go on the big stage, we also play other songs because maybe the audience will like them. On Sunday, we will play a totally different show, which will be instrumental without screaming and stage antics.

OFG: Will it be boring?

AH: Is that what you think?! Check it out for yourself.


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