European tour: over but not finished here

Because of the break in the tour, I've found time to beef up our reports on the European tour by adding new photos, videos, press reviews, and information. I've been able to build partial setlists for some shows we had little information on by watching videos on and other video sites. All videos -- even crappy-quality videos -- help to tell a story.

Our European tour reports are now listed as quick links in the right column on this page for easy access and review. If you have or find photos or videos from the shows, please contact us so we can add them to the reports. We're especially interested in getting photos or scans of the setlists.

A few items that I added to the reports that I feel are particularly worthy of review are these nice photos from the Montreux Gala Event (send your mom a Beastie Boys e-card!); a video of "Time to Get Ill" from the Moon & Stars Festival in Switzerland that captures Mike's microphone dying on him (listen to his explanation of why the mic died); and a video of "Tough Guy" from the Southside Festival in Germany that includes a goofy conversation between Mike and Yauch. What does Yauch know about naked bungee jumping?!

One unusual find is the following video, which was shot before the Montreux Gala Event. You have to be kind of patient while you watch it, but there is a reward at the end.

Montreux JAzz Festival- Beastie Boys en coulisses du Miles - kewego
Montreux JAzz Festival- Beastie Boys en coulisses du Miles - kewego

As I find time, I will continue to update our tour reports and point out items of interest.


5:32 AM ph said...

So, I use the tour break for a big thank you to you, girls and guys from the mic-to-mic blog.

I found this site some weeks ago, while I was searching the net for some information about the gala evening tour (i joined it here in berlin, germany). in the meantime mic-to-mic made it up to the starting page of my browser.

it was nice to see, that there are even more entusiastic fans out there. so, once again, a big thank you for all the time, you put in this project.

greetings from berlin, germany,


12:52 PM Hot Sauce said...

Thanks for the kind words, ph. We appreciate the compliment. :)

2:35 PM Saber said...

cool video with mca!

3:28 PM nds said...

this is a video for klepto :)

5:00 PM Klepto said...

*squeals* that IS a sweet reward!! :D

10:11 AM Hot Sauce said...

The Montreux backstage video is interesting to me because you can tell the person who is filming is backstage in some sort of professional capacity (probably a journalist) but he lets his fandom and curiosity take over. It's funny that it seems like the guy is about to chicken out and walk away from the dressing room when Yauch walks out of it.

I never noticed before watching this video that Yauch walks with a limp. Bum knee, I guess.

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