Beastie Boys celebrate the 4th of July in Stockholm

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Although Midzi and I are no longer following the European tour, we are committed to reporting on the tour. We will be "filling in the holes" on the shows that we missed and writing about the remainder of the tour.

Beastie Boys' last performance took place at Grona Lund Tivoli, an old amusement park, in Stockholm, Sweden, on July 4. According to one person who attended the show, the audience knew every word of the songs and sang along. Another person who attended the show reports that two fights occurred during the show, causing the band to stop the show twice until things calmed down.

From the few photos I found of the show, I surmise that the Beastie Boys' wardrobe did not arrive in Stockholm with them. Did Yauch wear Horovitz' suit? It looks incredibly small on him.

Look ma! No ties!

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Super Disco Breakin'
Sure Shot
Egg Man
Posse in Effect
Time for Livin'
Live at PJ's
B for My Name
Remote Control
Body Movin'
Check It Out
Pass the Mic
Shake Your Rump
Off the Grid
Ricky's Theme
Tough Guy
Mark on the Bus
Suco de Tangerina
Root Down
Triple Trouble
No Seep Til Brooklyn [video]
3 MC's and 1 DJ
So What'cha Want

Heart Attack Man

  • Concert review by (in Swedish)
    I used an online translator to learn that the reviewer described the band as "wicked" when they're performing their hits, but "terribly boring" when performing their instrumentals and "awkward" when performing their hardcore songs. The reviewer says Mike D has the energy of a 17-year-old, MCA is "good-looking," Adrock is "charming and funny," and Mix Master Mike is "dexterous." The review confirms the following songs were performed: So What'cha Want, Root Down, Intergalactic.

  • Interview with Mike by (in Swedish)
    An online translator provided results that did not make much sense. I did understand that the interviewer asked what they are doing on the tour when not performing. Mike answered that they eat a lot (something confirmed by Kathleen Hanna in Paris), fight a lot ("all the time -- about everything"), and buy a lot of records. The interviewer also asked if they think it's time to retire. Mike responded: "We have no plans on stopping. We will record a new record next fall."

  • Video of Beastie Boys performing "Brass Monkey" in Stockholm
    This video can only be viewed in Sweden and possibly other European countries. If anyone can rip and post this video where it can be viewed by all fans, please contact me.
  • Photos


    12:28 PM Realifry said...

    Not to disrespect Yauch but that jacket looks like it came from the women's department, It's way to small for him or for any full grown man. It's not an insult, just an observation.

    1:03 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Women's department?


    It's funny 'cause it's true. :D

    1:17 PM Danielle said...

    I don't understand the violence and bad behavior at the shows in Europe. What's going on?

    1:27 PM Hot Sauce said...

    In my opinion, the misbehaving is related to the audience being mostly young men. It's a Lord of the Flies mentality.

    2:15 PM Klepto said...

    well since i'm 17 now, i gotta say i don't think i have as much energy as mikey does!! :P

    and goddamn, can yauch BE any sexier in that first photo??? suh-weet jesus! i want that guy.

    2:46 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Yauch's hair is funny.

    2:56 PM Klepto said...

    albert einstein's hair looked funny too. geniuses always have funny lookin' hair! ;P

    8:36 PM jenny said...

    I think Yauch's hair is lookin' YUMMY! (sorry klep, I'll stay away from your man but damn lookin good)

    10:07 PM friis said...

    the brass monkey is just the one from AIFST.

    10:16 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Thanks for confirming what the video is, Friis!

    10:00 AM b-grrrlie said...

    The gig was awesome!
    I was right at the front with some fellow BBMB'ers, check our pics and reviews on the forum. I'm going through my pics right now as we speak, I'll be posting them on the forum and My Space later today (hopefully).

    and M, it's b-grrrlie, nothing else....

    10:11 AM Hot Sauce said...

    B-grrrlie: Yep, I understand what you are saying. :)

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