Roskilde press conference

From The Vancouver Sun:
Beastie Boys still 'tongue-in-cheek'

ROSKILDE, Denmark -- Pioneering rap group Beastie Boys lived up to their reputation for tongue-in-cheek interviews on Sunday when they answered press questions at Denmark's Roskilde festival.

The three New York rappers -- Mike D (Michael Diamond), MCA (Adam Yauch) and Adrock (Adam Horovitz) -- who released last month the instrumental album The Mix-Up, were one of the headlining acts at the festival on the weekend.

Following is a selection of their answers at a news conference held in a trailer behind the festival's main stage.

Q: What is the difference between Beastie Boys of 20 years ago and today?

MCA: I have more grey hair.
Adrock: I have more money.

Q: I was thinking more along the lines of artistic...
Mike D: You know, I just spent all my Danish crowns today at lunch. I don't have any left.
Adrock: I have more, but in the bank.
MCA: I've got a computer.

Q: Do you have anything in common with the hip-hop scene today?
Mike D: I actually use the same dry cleaner as 50 Cent. We do use the same dentist, although he uses a different person for his fronts, because my dentist won't do that type of work.
Adrock: 50 Cent is in much better shape than us.

Q: What do you think of Rick Rubin's work today? (Rubin launched Beastie Boys' career, but later they parted ways. He remains one of the most in-demand producers today.)
Mike D: I don't know if it's been announced, because it's something he just told me about when we were in the sauna together, but he's doing a thing with Cirque de Soleil.


4:57 PM Spiffy D said...

"I'm like that freak from Cirque du Soleil, with my leg behind my head and a rhyme to say."

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