Need tickets?

How did everyone make out with getting tickets to the U.S. shows? Everybody good?

I have been kicking around the idea of creating a forum for fans to sell and/or trade tickets, but I'm unsure of the need. Contact me by email or post a comment if a ticket forum is something you would use.

Because I was following the European tour when the U.S. shows went on sale, I had to rely on friends and family to purchase my tickets. A communication snafu among my ticket team caused me to end up with extra tickets to several shows. I have tickets to the following shows for sale:
  • 8/19 - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles (one seated ticket)
  • 8/20 - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles (two seated tickets - not together)
  • 8/24 - The Warfield, San Francisco [Gala Event] (one seated ticket)
  • Contact me by email if you're interested in purchasing any of the tickets. (Please don't post in the comments.) I am selling them at face value.

    I would like to thank all the readers who contributed their iTunes codes to help other fans purchase tickets. Many fans got the tickets they wanted because of your generosity!


    1:25 PM tjpop said...

    Which shows will you be hitting up?

    1:36 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Why do you want to know?

    1:39 PM Danielle said...

    I would use a ticket forum. I have been searching for a ticket for a friend without luck.

    2:08 PM daveblev (facedownfall) said...

    i have an extra ticket for philly

    3:44 PM tjpop said...

    It would be awesome to maybe meet up for a show.
    This site and the news you deliver is top notch. You seem to make it to a lot of shows and I was hoping you'd be making it to the ones I'm going to. Really, I was hoping you'd be there to document/take pics of the shows so I wouldn't have to because you take great pics and I can't seem to find my digital camera at the moment.
    I have tickets to the Philadelphia and Central Park shows.

    4:34 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Thanks for the compliment to the blog. I like meeting BBMB members and readers of the blog and at shows. So far, all my experiences meeting people at shows have been good. (Knock on wood!)

    Unfortunately, I have to be careful about saying where I plan to be because of some creepy people on the internet. I don't want anyone going Mark David Chapman on me. Youknowwhatiamsaying? Unlike the Beastie Boys, I don't have my own security.

    But please say hi and introduce yourself if you recognize me at a show! :)

    9:24 PM tjpop said...

    But,...I don't know what you look like, LOL!

    It's cool though.

    9:26 PM Hot Sauce said...

    If it's a GA show, I will be the first person in the queue. :P

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