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We've received quite a few emails asking the same question, so we decided it's time for a lil' Q&A at Mic to Mic.

Q: I'm amping up for a gala event and I was just curious about the actual level of "dressiness" for the fans at these events. The Boys have mentioned that we should be dressed better than we would for normal concerts, and I noticed in your photos that they are dressed up to perform--but are we talking fancy gowns and tuxedos/GQ suits or just dressy skirts/trousers and shirts with ties?

A: Dress to impress, they say.

During the Pageant Tour, the band made the same request for fans to dress to impress. They clarified what that meant in a short video posted at [see below]. Adam Yauch explained that a tuxedo or a t-shirt with a tuxedo printed on it would be equally appropriate. The same rules apply on this tour. Dress to impress means dress with style (i.e., with flair).

Most Beastie Boys fans with whom I've spoken are interpreting "dress to impress" on this tour as dressing in the same style as the band in their vintage-inspired suits.

My advice: wear whatever you want. Have fun with dressing up, if you want. I recommend, however, not wearing anything that you don't want ruined. You never know if a crazy person is going to attack you and rip up your clothes (happened to me), throw beer all over you (happened to me), or just sweat profusely against you (happened to everybody).

If you do dress up, do it to please yourself, not the band. It's unlikely that you're going to get props from them.

Thanks to Ana for the video!


11:19 AM Klepto said...

yauch is too, too cute <3

11:41 AM Hot Sauce said...

Puppies are cute. Yauch and Diamond are goofy.

11:59 AM Saber said...

funny video...

i'm going to try to dress to impress - but no promises

2:24 PM beastiegirl1323 said...

thanks for answering my question, sauce...look forward to joining you for the gala in two short weeks! just enough time to funkify my ensemble appropriately <=]

"cuz i'm a freaky streaker like winnie the pooh, with
t-shirt and no pants and i dance the boogaloo"

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