Yauch eyes Brooklyn property

Brownstoner.com, a blog devoted to the historic brownstones of Brooklyn, reports Adam Yauch was spotted with his wife and daughter at an open house of a brownstone for sale in Clinton Hill last Sunday.

The property, located at 219 Washington Avenue, is a 3,800-square-feet, 4-bedroom home with -- get this! -- a toilet in the master shower. The house is priced at a whopping $2.4 million.

Yauch must be expecting The Mix-Up to sell well.


1:32 PM Hot Sauce said...

It is not our (Mic to Mic) role to chose what stories people find interesting or boring and morally acceptable or unacceptable. Our role is to present the information that is published in the media. If we didn't link to that story, someone else would have. We presented the information in a straight-forward, respectable way.

The story was also reported at:

Xenobia Speaks

Feed at Forecloseurewarehouse.com

Feed at Myspace.com news

You cannot prevent information from being written about.

As a personal note, I would like to say that I have little sympathy for celebrities. They are paid handsomely (ridiculously so!) for the loss of their privacy. It's the tradeoff and part of the game.

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