Paulb got a setlist


Time for Livin'
Remote Control
Off the Grid
Body Movin'
Sure Shot (Turntables)
Shake Your Rump
Jimmy James/Happy Birthday
Do It (Instruments)
Egg Raid on Mojo
The Maestro
Electric Worm
Son of Neckbone
Something's Got to Give
Root Down (Instruments)
Root Down (Turntables)
Pass the Mic
So What'cha Want

MMM Solo
Ch-Check It Out
Heart Attack Man


3:22 AM pshabi said...


What's "Happy Birthday" that's been with Jimmy James in these sets?

Also, it looks like Root Down is listed twice in a row. Hmmmmm....need more info!!!

5:15 AM klepto said...

to me it looks like those words in parentheses say either "turntables" or "instruments" is that right? so they played root down and get it, then they played root down bboys style? it's kind of hard to read. i hope i typed out the setlist right. lemme know if i made a mistake or somethin' 'cause it's like 5 o' clock in the morning here. i don't see "shadrach" listed anywhere though, and i looked reeeally hard! :o

5:35 AM klepto said...

oooooh! pshabi - i'm pretty sure that says shambala, not shadrach. same amount of letters. :)

9:02 AM Anonymous said...

'Happy Birthday' is the name of the song Jimmy James samples.

2:18 PM Anonymous said...

"Happy Birthday" by Jimi Hendrix is the song sampled in Jimmy James.
They probably spill into doing "Happy Birthday" while they're playing "Jimmy James". Both are essentially the same song, instrumentally.

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