London presale today

There has been some confusion about the presale for the show at the Brixton Academy in London on September 4. A Beastie Boys e-newsletter, providing the correct link to purchase presale tickets, was distributed yesterday; however, the majority of subscribers (including us) did not receive the newsletter.

Presale tickets are on sale NOW. This is correct link to use to purchase tickets online at


3:21 PM dave790 said...

hey sorry didn't realise it hadn't got out to everyone... still, did mention the link on here yesterday so i hope it was of some use to some people. just got mine so definitely not too late. thanks for posting it so everyone can see.

3:24 PM Hot Sauce said...

Did the newsletter say anything else? If you still have it, can you copy and paste the text in the comments here, please?

5:17 PM Hot Sauce said...

Dave forwarded the e-newsletter to me. It did only go out to UK fans. In North America, the e-newsletter comes from the email address Dave's newsletter came from

The e-newsletter said the exact same thing as FYI #2 except it included the London gig link.

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