My Beastie Weekend in Washington: Likes and Dislikes

I was planning on posting my photos from the shows, but Flickr is down for maintenance, so they will have to wait. Instead, I present my likes and dislikes from the weekend.

  1. Adam Horovitz rockin' on the geetar. At both the Crocodile Cafe show and Gala Event set at Sasquatch, he was playing splendiforously. He was really into it. You saw it, you heard it, you felt it. After the Croc Cafe show, my friends and I argued about who should be the president of the Adam Horovitz Fan Club. I believe we agreed to co-chair the position.
  2. Mark Ramos-Nishita. I love Mark -- and so do my friends. "Mark on the Bus" was a huge highlight of the weekend for us. I appreciate everything that is Mark: his musical skills, his sense of humor, his honesty and realness.
  3. Michael Diamond's dance moves. Always entertaining. Always.
  4. Beastie Boys sound crew. They're the coolest guys on the team -- and almost as goofy as the band.
  5. Adam Yauch showing off his musical talents by playing bass guitar, upright bass, and electric guitar. But can he play the washboard and spoons?
  6. The scenery at the Gorge and surrounding area. Pretty-pretty!

  1. Crocodile Cafe staff. They were the worst mofos I've ever encountered in any club. The manager was a gigantic dick.
  2. Beastie Boys new tour crew. None of them are very friendly. What's up with that? I've always been told that a crew is supposed to represent the attitude of the band. These guys apparently were not given that lecture.
  3. Getting hurt at the Beastie Boys closing set at Sasquatch. Ouch.
  4. $10 beers at the Gorge.
  5. Honey Buckets.
  6. Pooty's snoring.
  7. Man boobs.


12:58 AM pshabi said...

For no other reason other than I'm really nosy:

Please elaborate on the problems with the Croc staff, in particular the manager. It's been mentioned a coupla times.

11:41 AM Hot Sauce said...

Oh, it's all quite stupid. The manager had an attitude that we fans were deviants, out to get the Beastie Boys and do damage to the club. He was full of himself because of his omnipotent club manager power. Some of the locals had warned us about the dude, so we weren't surprised by the bullshit. He made threats against me because I called him on his attitude. I told him it was unnecessary to be concerned about us fans doing any wrong. We were having fun hanging out together in the line.

I asked the dude if he knew what PMA was. He didn't, of course, so I told him. I said he could stand to apply it to his life. He didn't like being told that.

The bullshit ended when one of the Beastie Boys staff came outside and told him, "She's one of the band's biggest fans. Be nice and leave her alone." Haha, that put him in his place!

Later, during the show, the dude acted like none of the BS had happened and we fans were his friends. What a loser.

12:07 PM Spiffy D said...

Ah yes the Croc staff continues to represent the utmost in assholery! They have been like this for years and years. Many of us Seattlites believe it's because back "in the day" the Croc was one of the primary homes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden etc. Nowadays they are lucky to get any band that's worth throwing beer at. I'd say the Beasties are probably the best band to play there in maybe 15 years...
Croc staff hates me, and I hate them. I never cause trouble in clubs because I'm there for music, but they ALWAYS piss me off with their attitude towards patrons. Screw em.

--- Damian

12:47 PM Hot Sauce said...

Thanks for backing up my comments about the Croc Cafe staff and proving I'm not exaggerating about them, Damian.

Someone told me the club is owned by Peter Buck's wife. Do you know if that's true?

1:28 PM Spiffy D said...

I think it's true that Buck's wife does own it. Buck does a yearly performance thing there. I've been to the Croc probably 10-15 times and every single night it's a goddamn drama with the staff, and for no reason! I could write a frickin book about it but why bother. The sad thing is, if the Beasties had been at almost any other club in the city, I probably could have gotten in without Ticketmaster, but Croc staff saw me coming a mile away. It's the only club in the whole damn country where I have a bad reputation with the staff. And all I've ever done is call them on their BULLSHIT.

3:34 PM klepto said...

my baby is a triple threat on bass, oh yeah!! be afraid! be very afraid!

8:04 PM jenny said...

Wait a minute here... Honey Buckets on the dislike list? I wanted to be in them all day long, they're lovely places to sit and contemplate the meaning of life.

11:36 PM Saber said...

man boobs?

11:40 PM Hot Sauce said...

You'll have to look at Pooty's Flickr account to see what man boobs is all about.

Be sure to check out too. LOL

12:13 AM Saber said...

i'm afraid i know about man boobs already. lol

what's wrong with the new crew?

3:43 PM Hot Sauce said...

RE new crew: They're missing Bill Rahmy's sense of humor and work ethic, which is to have fun while you're working. These new folks are all-business and have no sense of humor.

The guitar tech did something mean to Jenny. Being mean to Jenny is like kicking a puppy.

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