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We all agree the Sasquatch set was better thank the Croc Cafe gig because the audience was into it. The Croc was a dive, staffed with huge a-holes. The majority of the audience was Croc staff. Fohkers. My group is making fun of me for blogging from the fest. Fohkers. Bad Brains & Beastie Boys today! Yee-haw!


12:44 PM Anonymous said...


1:20 PM klepto said...

oscilloscope studios added a new photo to flickr LOL

"so..yeah...if you wanted to know what it's like for me after the it know..we just played at the sasquatch festival...and when i get back to my room...i mean my executive suite...i like to enjoy a nice bubble bath and i gotta have my swiss/belgium choclate fondue with local/in season fresh fruits....i need these i can perform for you to my best abilities...adam"

bubble baths and fondue!

1:27 PM mistress_f said...

adams such a big star LOL!
And thanks a lot for the constant updates, i really appreciate it. i wanan know everything about the festival (festival meaning : bboys and bbrains)
hope you had fun!

2:03 PM doc said...

HA HA! The chocolate fondue is HILARIOUS.

I'm glad that it looks like they're getting good weather and having big fun.

11:15 PM Anonymous said...

Hahaha...Horovitz uses a lot between...thoughts...


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