No more reports

My view after bailing the stage barrier.

I had to bail the show. Mega-extreme pushing. I'm no pussy about it. I'm upset the band didn't address it.


2:21 AM Anonymous said...


festival crowds blow.

2:27 AM klepto said...

awww that's too bad. i'm sorry for the people who can't fully enjoy the show because of that. :(

2:35 AM Anonymous said...

Damn, they usually address that type of thing

3:09 AM pshabi said...

What. The. Fuck?

That sucks. I'm guessing Rusty was able to withstand it up there. I remember Miramanee talking about that Brazil festival being bad and she stuck that out. This had to be crazy. Hope everyone make it out safely.

2:27 PM Anonymous said...

You have to go in expecting a bit of a "brouhaha" during the headlining set of a festival.

Could be the band prefers these type of crowds, the more lively, more moshing-type festival crowds to the intimate, stand-still type. I'd imagine the Beasties would feed off the energy just like any band would.

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