Sunday's press conference

When Beastie Boys Attack
by Luciana Lopez

If you've ever felt like maybe, underneath Beastie Boys' flippant, smirking exteriors lie three very serious young men who really, truly want to have a dialogue about Middle Eastern politics and whether the situation in Lebanon is being exacerbated by Syria's participation or not... Well, Sunday's press conference at Sasquatch will do nothing to support that theory. Their new album, The Mix-up, comes out on June 26, and it's all instrumental. They played what was supposed to be an instrumental show on Saturday and are slated to headline tonight.

(Caveat: the answers are direct quotes; the questions are paraphrases.)

Q: How do you top (Saturday night's) show today?
Mike D: I'm trying to think of a more nonviolent word... We're going to have more artillery, more firepower.
MCA: I think the objective is in this set list is to hurt people, win them back, hurt them, win them back again.

Q: Do you ever wake up and think to yourselves, you're done, you don't have anything left?
Ad-Rock: We've got a lot. That's never crossed my mind ever. Ever. We're just trying to do something different. We can just get up on stage and play our hits. We got a lot of hits. We could be up there for hours.
Mike D: There's not enough hours in the day.
Ad-Rock: It's fun to do something you don't know how to do

Q: Why did you sign up for the Live Earth concert?
Ad-Rock: We're for the world. We're like Wu-Tang, we're for the children.

Q: Do you expect the Live Earth concerts to have some kind of impact?
Mike D: It's hard to know before hand and even in the aftermath it's hard to assess the impact. It's absolutely, absolutely necessary to do whatever we all can do to have a collective consciousness focus on the issue of global warming and the environment.

Q: What actions do you guys take in your personal lives?
Ad-Rock:I smoke a lot of weed
Mike D: I like to ride in the carpool lane. I have a special sticker on my car.
Ad-Rock: Not enough, actually. There's a lot of things you can do, (such as) recycling. I do your basic things that we should all be doing.

Q: Last night's what was supposed to be instrumental - what happened?
MCA: We didn't want to disappoint people. We didn't know what to call this show to differentiate it (from Sunday's).... Most bands play instruments, so what do you say really except we don't usually or always or all the time.


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