Give thanks and praise for new Bad Brains album

Do you recognize this person in the studio with Bad Brains? Do you recognize the studio?

We have been so focused on the Beastie Boys' new album The Mix-Up, to be released on June 26, we have neglected to talk much about another must-have album that will be released on the same date. We are referring to Bad Brains' much-anticipated album Build A Nation, which was produced by Adam Yauch.

We scored a promo copy of the album a while back, and it has been melting our sound system. It's HOT!

You may preview two of the songs from Build A Nation at Bad Brains' Myspace page, as well as download a few tracks that were uploaded by an unscrupulous hardcore fan (see links below).

Build A Nation Track Listing

1. Give Thanks And Praises
2. Jah People Make The World Go Round (dl via zShare)
3. Pure Love
4. Natty Dreadlocks 'Pon The Mountain Top
5. Build A Nation [preview at Bad Brains' Myspace page]
6. Expand Your Soul (dl via zShare)
7. Jah Love
8. Let There Be Angels (Just Like You) [preview at Bad Brains' Myspace page]
9. Universal Peace
10. Roll On (dl via zShare)
11. Until Kingdom Comes
12. In The Beginning
13. Send You No More Flowers
14. Peace Be Unto Thee

Our favorite tracks: Jah People Make The World Go Round, Let There Be Angels (Just Like You)

Beastie Boys and Bad Brains fans who are heading to the Sasquatch Music Festival may be interested to know that Bad Brains will be filming a video during their set at the festival.


11:20 AM Anonymous said...

I have the entire album on my iPod and it is awesome....Yauch did great on the production...the dub/reggae songs are actually listenable and enjoyable, first time I've ever liked some Bad Brains reggae songs, especially "Natty Dreadlocks 'Pon The Mountaip Top".


11:24 AM martijn said...

Damn the Bass sound on this album i great, best song i heared, build a nation


12:36 PM jenny said...

I got my hands on a copy of the album. Ugh, this album is so FUCKING good. (sorry bout the f-bomb but I need to emphasize) I listened to it so much last week that it made me ILL. I swear I had a fever, chills, the whole she-bang. I attribute it to the fact that this album is SICK. Mad props to our man Yauch. I don't know if I'm more excited about the Bad Brains performance or the Gala at Sasquatch. Ok, Gala, but seriously, yay Bad Brains! :D \m/

12:44 PM martijn said...

Damn Yauch did a great job, that bass sound has some aglio e olio :)

personal best songs

Jah people make the world go round
Build A Nation
Universal Peace
Let There Be Angels

1:42 PM Hot Sauce said...

Hey, Martijn! You're 4 favorite are my 4 favorite. :)

5:19 PM Disorian said...

Hi...I just wanna say Bad Brains did a great job in this world!!!
Even reading you guys' coments about the Brains, makes me feel Im free, makes me wanna cry and reminds me that everything is connected and the love between all the creatures is a nation is an amazing album, both musically and spritually...couldnt have been better, we just need to think about the name of the album and take it seariously, Lets build a nation!!!! if we could only start trying to think about universal peace and building a nation, and slowly slowly mix our thought with definiteness of purpose, persistence and a GreaT desire for their translation into reality...we will feel the peace and we will see that Its really happening...
(the last part is stolen from THINK AND GROW RICH by NAPOLEAN HILL), we can strat from making team, (at work, football team, ...) or form a band and make it like a family, and etc. and then just have to expand it and let it grow... its gonna get bigger and bigger...we need peace, thats what we all lets make it happen! lets build a nation

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