Mike D reveals wish list of collaborators

Popeater has published a new interview with Mike Diamond in which he talks about the planned second version of The Mix-Up, which will include the work of guest vocalists and producers. Asked to name names on the Beastie Boys' wish list of guest collaborators, Mike replied:
"It's tricky because we have producers and performers on there, but we have M.I.A. We're big fans of hers. She's on the A-list. Mark Ronson is hopefully doing something with somebody, but I'm not at liberty to say because that's up to him. We played some shows in Australia with Snoop Dogg and we had a very nice time with him so we're hoping to do some stuff with him some time."


5:12 PM Hot Sauce said...

I can't imagine contemporary style vocals over any of "The Mix-Up" songs -- at least not without serious reworking of the songs.

I'm not sure I will be interested in a version of "The Mix-Up" that has guest vocals on it. I want to hear them boys singin', not some other artists.

5:32 PM Funky Four said...

A collaboration with Snoop would be off the hizzle, fo' shizzle!

6:18 PM jenny said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to put MY wish list out there.

Thurston Moore
Zack de la Rocha
Massive Attack
Henry Rollins
Frank Black
Anyone from the NWA posse.
Keith Morris
Ian MacKaye
Rivers Cuomo
Chuck D and Flave
Mike Patton
Tim Armstrong

...just to name a few :) KTHX.

6:24 PM Hot Sauce said...

I guess a song with Kathleen Hanna would peak my interest.

8:03 PM jenny said...

Gee I'd love to hear a collab with her and her man. I bet they've tinkered around with songs at home, have them lying around somewhere in a hard drive and I bet they kick major ass.

10:06 PM brother mcduff said...

a beck collaboration is long, long, long overdue. for reals...

1:09 AM Tommy D said...

If they could get some old type guys that would be sick...McCartney, some old unreleased Lennon vocal track?, Ben E King, old rock and funk types!! Sick

4:34 AM Anonymous said...

this is just weird, but then again listening to Mark Ronson, you can i guess mix it up!

7:03 AM Aidan said...

Thanks for the blog, just did a post on the beasties on my blog and gave a link for here. Has 'The mix up' come out in USA then? Can't wait to get my hands on it.

11:28 AM Anonymous said...

Morris Day and the motha fuckin' Time.

2:15 PM Anonymous said...

is this another one of Mike D's jokes?

8:36 AM stephan said...

i always thought they like m.i.a..
would be nice, if they did something together..
anyone knows her lp? it's good..

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