Mike D interviews, Virgin Festival presale, and other stuff

We're trying to catch up from being gone a few days. If you have contributions for the site (which we really appreciate), please use our email address to contact us, not the comments section in the stories. Thanks!
  • While we were gone, Pitchforkmedia.com published an interview with Mike D. Mike talks about pies, hacky sacks, and -- oh yes! -- the Beastie Boys new album The Mix-Up! The most interesting thing Mike reveals in the interview is the band has plans of producing another version of The Mix-Up that will include collaborations with "mostly newer" vocalists.

  • Mike also conducted an interview with XFM via telephone. Mike talks about how he wanted the new album to be titled Thick Like Beyonce's Leg, as well as how Al Gore conned him.

    XFM has audio samples of the interview; however, you must be a UK resident to listen to them via the web site. We have ripped mp3s of the audio for your convenience.

    Q: Have you settled on a name for your next album yet, and did you toy around with any other more ridiculous names first?
    Mike's answer [mp3]

    Q: What's the new album sounding like?
    Mike's answer [mp3]

    Q: So how did you get involved in Live Earth? Did Al Gore call you up personally?
    Mike's answer [mp3]

    Q: And what are you planning for your Live Earth performance? Can we expect some stadium worthy theatrics?
    Mike's answer [mp3]

  • The ticket presale for the Virgin Festival in Baltimore, Maryland, on August 4 and 5, began yesterday (May 2). The presale password is "gogreen." Get your tickets now (limit of 4) while they're hot and still available. When the tickets go on sale to the public this Saturday (May 5), you can bet your booty that they'll sell out in the flash.

  • O Watch has been updated to include screen caps from the days we were away. Special thanks to Dana for managing O Watch while we were M.I.A.


4:27 PM klepto said...

hey that's me :D

you're especially welcome!

5:10 PM Emily said...

My dad got tickets for Virgin Fest for me!!!

7:57 PM Saber said...

Mike got fooled by Al Gore!

11:31 PM funky four said...

I want to eat pie with the Beastie Boys. lol

11:44 PM Anonymous said...

Are they going to sell individual day tickets for Virgin Festival? I only want to go on Saturday.

1:36 PM sophie said...

I enjoy O Watch so much. Thanks for your work.

3:31 PM Hot Sauce said...

I didn't realize that they are actually having a pie-eating contest at the Sasquatch Music Festival!

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