Bboys @ Sasquatch Pics

So far on flickr I've discovered photos taken at The Gala Event last night posted here, here and here. There are so many sexy Yauch pics in all of the sets, love it! ;D

And a peek backstage! (Yes, we can see you, Mr. Yauch, perfectly clear. *chuckles*)

PS: If anybody else has any reviews, photos, videos, etc., please send 'em this way (that goes for the Croc show as well)! :)

Update: Yay, more pics!


4:22 PM mistress_f said...

this pic:

totally needs a caption. look at the satisfied and happy face on horovitz, and mike and yauchs faces - they seem desperate as if they were thinkin ''now what?? cant he just let it go''?

its fantastic :D

4:53 PM klepto said...

yauch's hair is so freakin' cuuuute!! :)

aaaaah i can't stop gushing! those bass pics are so hot they are making me melt! :o

5:23 PM friis said...

there's an amazing yauch-hair pic in this set :)

6:00 PM klepto said...

aaaaah i know, i just found it right. this. second. and started freaking out because it's such a beautiful shot!! :D

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