SASQUATCH! Beastie Boys Talk Post Season, Family, and Ass

From Seattle Weekly:

[Note: You can also listen to audio of Sunday's press conference by following the above link.]
SASQUATCH! Beastie Boys Talk Post Season, Family, and Ass
By Chris Kornelis

It was beyond parody.

The Beastie Boys seated at a table with bed head and bottles of water for a press conference, with a dozen reporters staring at them inside a trailer at the Gorge. The three looked and smelled like a trio of rich punks from New York.

In tune with the irony, Mike D played it a la ESPN and a post-game press conference. Adrock talked about the post season, a possible trade to Bjork or the Arcade Fire.

When they did get around to talking about the new record, the instrumental album "The Mix Up," the band was nonchalant about simply wanting to, yes, mix things up a bit.

"I think you need to show people that you've got some new facets to your game. Show them that you can share the ball a little bit," said Mike D.

"I've been getting a big barrel chest," Ad Rock chimed in.

"Do you want to tell them about the stuff you're doing for your ass, too?" Adam [YAUCH] quipped.

"No, that is a condition that my doctor ..." Adrock replied.

Among the many bands who have taken shots at the George Bush, and played up their political pet projects, like freeing Tibet, Adrock said he wasn't sure how politics would bleed through on an instrumental record like "The Mix Up," a record with no words.

"In a way it's a shitty time to have no words. We're still in the same predicament we have been for the last few years. It's an interesting time to not say something also. We're not telling people to give up or to not say anything. I don't know if you can put politics into just instrumentation. I guess it depends who makes it."


8:24 AM Anonymous said...

Wow...more trade talks.

I know they were pretty serious back in '04 when Adrock almost got traded for that Creed dude.


3:55 PM Jenny said...

I want more of this ass talk.

6:50 PM klepto said...

i wonder if we were actually a bad influence on the beastie boys!! haha! i mean, with all of our ass talk on o-watch. ;)

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