Beastie Boys talk about "The Mix-Up"

From CMJ:
Beasties Offer Communication About 'Mix-Up'
By Taylor Mason

The Beastie Boys kicked off their summer domination this past weekend at the Sasquatch Music Festival with two performances and an exclusive roundtable discussion where the three MCs dished about The Mix-Up, their new instrumental LP, out June 26 via Capitol. In typical fashion, MCA, Adrock and Mike D were quick on the draw, responding to questions with cocksure ease and rapid fire wit, though cautious when bombarded with enviromentally centered questions. In their latter years, the Beasties, in particular MCA, have been fighting for a more noble cause than their right to party, and while their seventh studio album may not be a political podium, Adrock addressed the concern of bringing politics to the forefront.

"This record has no words on it," he said. "And in a way it's a shitty time to not have words because we're still in the same predicament that we've been in in the past few years in America and just in the world, so it's an interesting time to not say something. But we're not telling people to give up or to not say anything, we're just making music."

Addressing the music itself, MCA added, "I think a lot of the stuff we've listened to over the last 20, 30 years, like it all kind of comes in there somehow. But I think there's some influences from dub records, there's influences from jazz records that we listened to or punk, probably influences in there from stuff from the early '80s like the Specials, the Clash, the Slits."

To support the forthcoming release, the Beastie Boys will bring the beat across the world, making festival appearances in Greece, Germany, Turkey and Baltimore, Maryland, among other locations.
Note: Seattle Weekly posted audio of this press conference at its site. We created an easy mp3 download at zshare for our readers.


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