"The Mix-Up" track list

Following is the track list for the Beastie Boys The Mix-Up with track length:

1. B for My Name 3:31
2. 14th St. Break 3:34
3. Suco de Tangerina 3:17
4. The Gala Event 3:47
5. Electric Worm 3:15
6. Freaky Hijiki 3:05
7. Off the Grid 4:36
8. The Rat Cage 3:37
9. The Melee 3:10
10. Dramastically Different 3:57
11. The Cousin of Death 3:06
12. The Kangaroo Rat 3:28

That's a grand total of 42:43.


10:50 AM midzi said...

What does Suco de Tangerina mean?

3:50 PM Anonymous said...

suco de tangerina = tangerine juice

4:06 AM midzi said...


2:30 PM Junior said...

Suco de tangerina.....rsrsrs deve ser legal esse som!!

(do you understand me???)

9:29 PM Anonymous said...

Nobody else has the track lengths posted. Another reason why Mic to Mic is the best. And I ain't no holla back girl!!!!!

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