Beastie Boys featured in photography book

Old school photographs of the Beastie Boys appear in a new book by photographer Josh Cheuse. Rockers Galore (Stussy Books) covers Cheuse's 25-year career photographing the music world.

The book and companion limited edition t-shirts are available to purchase exclusively at Unfortunately, the Beastie Boys t-shirt is not available in the United States. It may be purchased only through French site, which is currently sold out of the $66 (!) t-shirt. (Readers outside North America should check Stussy's other online stores before making an order.)

One of the photos that appear in Rockers Galore by Josh Cheuse.

Cheuse's photographs that appear in the book are currently on exhibit at Colette on Rue St. Honoré in Paris through the end of the month.

The "Play.Record.Watch.Stop." exhibit at Colette


8:11 PM fonky said...

thanks for the info! I might drop by.

9:44 PM Danielle said...

The book looks very interesting. I might order it. Do you know how many photos of the Beastie Boys are in it?

12:44 AM Hot Sauce said...

Sorry, no. I don't know how many photos there are. There are at least three band shots and one of Mike.

Mike is the connection to Josh Cheuse. They were friends before Beastie Boys were big and Cheuse was an established photographer.

10:11 AM MC Boulangerie said...

I have this book, the photos are cool. >>> for example

10:48 AM midzi said...

Are there many photos in the book?

10:51 AM MC Boulangerie said...

Only 5 beastie photos + 1 young and useless photo with adrock playing guitar

11:19 AM Hot Sauce said...

Isn't there a close-up shot of Mike wearing a weird hat?

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