Beastie Boys live at UC Berkeley

Click on the above image to see a photoset of pics of the show.

For their final U.S. tour date for a while before they return to Europe to tour, Beastie Boys chose to go with an instrumental-lite show in Berkeley, California. The audience was denied setlist standards of "Shambala" and "Off the Grid," but got treated to extra rap favorites, including "Posse in Effect," "Time to Get Ill," and "No Sleep Til Brooklyn." (Any setlist nerd will tell you that for this tour, you will hear "Time to Get Ill" OR "No Sleep Til Brooklyn," not both.) Disappointingly, only two songs from the band's new album The Mix-Up were performed. "Off the Grid," which is a barnburner live, was sorely missed.

The UC-Berkeley Greek Theatre stage was very high -- probably 6-1/2 feet. It made for a strange pit experience: neck craning and looking up Bboys' noses. Like the stage, the UC-Berkeley Greek Theatre audience was very high. (Extreme doobage presence.) People were too "mellow" to push and body surf except during "Sabotage."

The top crowd-pleasing songs were "Paul Revere" and "Intergalactic." During "Intergalactic," the audience sang along so loudly that you could not hear the band's voices.

Opener: Peanut Butter Wolf [video]
Peanut Butter Wolf played "Country Delight" by Country Mike for the closing song of his set.

MMM Intro [video]
Time for Living [video // alternate video]
Gratitude [video]
Live at PJ's [video // video]
Sabrosa [video]
Root Down [video // alternate video]
Super Disco Breakin' [video (with Sure Shot)]
Sure Shot [video // alternate video]
An Open Letter to NYC [video // alternate video // video of song intro]
Shake Your Rump [video]
Heart Attack Man
Remote Control
Electric Worm
Lighten Up
Brass Monkey [video]
Pass the Mic
Skills to Pay the Bills [video // alternate video]
Posse in Effect
Time to Get Ill [video]
The Maestro [video // alternate video]
The Gala Event
Tough Guy
Egg Raid on Mojo
Alright Hear This
Ch-Check It Out [video // alternate video]
Paul Revere [video]
Body Movin'
3 MCs and 1 DJ
So What'cha Want [video // alternate video]
MMM Interlude [video]
No Sleep Til Brooklyn
Sabotage [video]

Adam Horovitz and Adam Yauch do The Finger during "Ch-Check It Out."

  • Audience recording of the show (torrent)
  • Audience recording of the show (mp3s)
  • DVD
  • Audience recording of the show (torrent)

    6:05 PM Babs said...

    That's what I love about stoners, man. They should have a requirement that all douchebags who will potentially start moshing during a Beastie show must toke up beforehand. Magical!

    6:24 PM Drock said...

    Were there any tapers at this show beside me? Have full video on MiniDV, seeking alternative angles and better audio source.

    2:32 AM paulbonardelli said...

    I know someone audio taped it and said it would be posted on Will you share your film?

    4:10 AM Melanie said...

    Your site is cool. Thanks for the information on the show. :)

    2:49 PM Shaker said...

    The show was a waste of time & money. The sound was bad. My friends & I couldn't hear what the Beasties were saying most of the time. Major disappointment...

    3:56 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Where were you seated/standing for the show, Shaker?

    8:39 PM Shaker said...

    We were in the pit.

    2:32 AM Drock said...

    Yes the tapes will be released under the DINC Studio SF moniker. However I am leaving for Flaming Lips Fall Tour Monday and will not have time to edit the video before that.

    When I do it will be seeded on Dime and the TTD.

    In some ways this will be good. There is a strong tapers presence at the Greek in Berkeley.

    The Radiohead show produced 5 very good sounding audio sources and 7 video angles although not all complete.

    This show will be well documented.

    It did sound like shit though. However the audience recordings will probably sound better than it did in real life.

    2:05 PM Drock said...

    Sneak peek:


    2:47 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Cool! Thanks for sharing the video, Drock.

    The video captures how ridiculously high the stage is at the Greek Theatre. (Look at the security people standing in front of the stage.) I'd like to see someone try to hop that stage. :D

    2:58 AM Drock said...

    Full Encore posted

    MMM Interlude
    No Sleep Till Brooklyn

    DVD coming soon!

    3:06 AM Drock said...

    The DVD has dropped:

    Beastie Boys Greek Theater Aug 25th 2007 NTSC DVD DincStudio SF #7
    Shot and Authored by Drawk on a Sony DCR-HC96 and DVD Studio Pro.

    Overkill Lineage: DCR-HC96 in LP Mode on Sony MEDVM Tape, 16bit stereo audio, logged and captured in 4 minute segments to prevent audio drift into Final Cut Pro 5, edited and chapter marked, video exported with Compressor 2 to MPEG 2 VBR 5Mbps minimum and 7.5Mbps maximum, audio is Dolby Digital AC3 at 192Kbps, Menus done in DVD Studio Pro 4 and then built straight to hard drive. Torrent built with Azureus 2.5 and uploaded to Dime.

    Video is very clear and was shot in 16:9, audio is from the in camera mic and only distorts when the crowd is yelling. Sounds better than the audio torrent that showed up at Traders Den. Greek Theater has a noise limit which sucks when your there but is great for video cameras. Sounds better on the DVD than it did in real life!

    Sample here:

    Don’t give up at the start of the DVD. The 1st couple of songs are rough as I was finding a good position. Gets better as time goes on. The show is complete, tape was changed during the applause for encore.

    This was the last U.S. show before they headed off to Europe.

    Approx run time: 1hr 43min.
    Set list:
    01 Mix Master Mike Intro
    02 Time For Livin
    03 Gratitude
    04 Live at PJ’s
    05 Sabrosa
    06 Root Down
    07 Super Disco Breakin
    08 Sure Shot
    09 An Open Letter To NYC
    10 Shake Your Rump
    11 Heart Attack Man
    12 Remote Control
    13 Electric Worm
    14 Lighten Up
    15 Brass Monkey
    16 Pass The MIC
    17 Skills To Pay The Bills
    18 Posse In Effect
    19 Time To Get Ill
    20 The Maestro
    21 The Gala Event
    22 Tough Guy
    23 Egg Raid On Mojo
    24 Alright Hear This
    25 Ch-Check It Out
    26 Paul Revere
    27 Body Movin
    28 3 MCs and 1 DJ
    29 So Watcha Want
    30 E: Mix Master Mike Interlude
    31 E: Intergalactic
    32 E: No Sleep Til Brooklyn
    33 E: Sabotage

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