'Fantastic' Smallstars remix coming at you

During his amazingly busy music-making, money-making schedule of the past year, Adam Horovitz managed to find time to complete another Smallstars remix. This time the remix is for a friend of a friend, as he is prone to say. The friend is Kathleen Hanna. The friend of the friend is an artist named Cannonball Jane.

Cannonball Jane is Sharon Hagopian, an elementary school music teacher by day and sampler-loving music maker by night. Hanna describes Cannonball Jane as "what Carole King would sound like if she had a sampler and was really into Francoise Hardy." (Cannonball Jane opened for Le Tigre on their 2004 tour.)

Horovitz' remix of Cannonball Jane's "Take It to Fantastic" will appear on Knees Up!, a seven-track EP to be released on October 9, 2007, on Gaddycat Records.

Visit Cannonball Jane's Myspace page to sample her sounds and friend her like Horovitz and Hanna have.


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