Beastie Boys on "Charlie Rose"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Watch the videos before they disappear!


12:26 AM Danielle said...

I can't focus on the discussion because Mike's hair is so mesmerizing!

12:33 AM Stunt D said...

good stuff!

1:34 AM John L. Squirreltooth said...

I'm glad to see them as people.
It highlights the role they play on stage a little better. The restraint that yauch shows when performing is remnisicient of skinner's role in the 'be sharps' as "the funny one". The contrast is alarming in this interview.

Very interesting take on the pre-hardcore punk rock scene. Mike surprisingly seemes a very humble and witty man. Horovitz is a good dude. He just wants a laugh, is all.

They see to check themselves a lot when being serious, as if they can't take themselves seriously. That's a good trait. Thanks for posting these, i thoroughly enjoyed them.

1:54 AM Hot Sauce said...

I like Horovitz' list of things that keep him busy.

"I gotta eat..."

4:37 AM Alli said...

Horovitz' list is so strangely similar to my own... gotta feed the dog and the cats and wake up in the afternoon and eat haha. I also have 2 cats and a dog and work evening so my morning really is in the afternoon. I think he discovered why I seem to get nothing done as well.

11:43 AM Spiffy D said...

This was surprisingly serious behaviour for the Beastie Boys. Only a little bit of goofiness.

5:58 PM dave790 said...

that was so cool. cheers m, anyway of recording these interviews? scared it'll go down!

11:32 AM Anonymous said...

Why the time gaps...They are busy livin life. Growin up, gettin married and building families. Working on other projects.

Did anyone else notice that Adam H had a bit of a poopy pants attitude?

10:05 AM Hot Sauce said...

Horovitz has a dry sense of humor, which is often misinterpreted. I think he's funny in this interview. I enjoyed what he had to say the most.

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