Beastie Boys play Brooklyn for the first time

"Is Brooklyn in the house?!" Mike Diamond asked repeatedly throughout the Beastie Boys first-ever show in Brooklyn last night (August 9). The show, staged in an old pool in McCarren Park, marked the return of the band I know and love seeing perform live. The Brooklyn audience was treated to a varied setlist as well as loose and happy band members.

"We are the Beastie Boys. We are from New York City. Brooklyn and Manhattan to be exact," Mike clarified. Each Beastie Boy made a claim to Brooklyn over the course of the evening, which felt more like a block party than a concert.

"I went to high school in Brooklyn. At Brooklyn Heights," Mike said proudly.

"I went to school in Brooklyn. I went to Brooklyn Tech for three days. Maybe two," laughed Adam Horovitz.

Adam Yauch remained silent about his claim to Brooklyn until the end of the show, when he dedicated "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" to Edward R. Murrow High School.

A highlight of the show occurred when Yauch invited Reverand Run (Run-DMC) on stage before "Check It Out." [See video.] Run got the audience to cheer wildly when he called the band his boys.

Hello Brooklyn [video] // [alternate video]
Root Down
Posse in Effect
Super Disco Breakin'
Sure Shot [video]
Time for Living [video]
Gratitude [video]
Suco de Tangerina [video]
Heart Attack Man
Sabrosa [video]
Alright Hear This
Pass the Mic [video]
Paul Revere [video] // [alternate video]
Body Movin' [video] // [alternate video]
Shake Your Rump [video] // [alternate video]
Off the Grid
In 3's
Lighten Up
Egg Raid on Mojo [video]
Remote Control
An Open Letter to NYC [video]
Check It Out
3 MC's and 1 DJ [video]
So What'cha Want [video]
MMM Interlude [video]
Sabotage [video]
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [video 1] // [video 2] // [video 3]

Despite "14th St. Break" being listed on the setlist, the song was not performed.

Watch a video montage featuring clips of Reverand Run on stage, Pass the Mic, Open Letter, No Sleep Til Brooklyn, Posse in Effect, MMM Interlude, Intergalactic, Body Movin', Shake Your Rump, and Check It Out here.

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    12:07 PM Identity said...

    Awesome show! did anyone happen to record it?

    12:10 PM Hot Sauce said...

    FYI: It's considered impolite to ask for an audience recording less than 24 hours after a show.

    12:26 PM Melanie said...

    My friends and I had a fantastic time. You are right about it feeling like a party instead of a concert.

    We were lucky it didn't rain.

    2:03 PM BOBALOT said...



    3:20 PM Jordan, and ya don't stop said...

    Hot Sauce said that she wishes the hip hop setlists varied more, but the Gala Events offer more surprises. I agree there are more surprises, but the most disapointing thing to me about the boston Gala and the nyc brooklyn hip hop shows were the similarity in sets.

    even though clearly they played more instrumentals at the gala, it wasn't as "weird" as they claimed it might be, suggesting it as if they are going to be prone to psychadelic free jams and non-stop funky partying. when i got there it was less of that. in fact i would say that after spending years dreaming of not just an instrumental show but of set lists like what they're playing now, my interest in an instrumental show was partly because the songs are so good but often so simple, like fragments of longer jazz/funk songs, and i imagined in my idealistic brain that if given the opportunity, they'd stretch them out live to their full potential. part of what the gala made me realize is that they aren't as good at their instruments or even playing their songs as i thought.

    but i digress. my point is they played sure shot, time for living, gratitude, suco, heart attack man, sabrosa, off the grid, in 3s, lighten up, egg raid, remote control, 3 mcs, so whatcha want and sabotage at their Gala event.

    i understand they can't count on fans coming from boston to nyc to see them, but of all the various songs they're playing, i wish they had played some of their other instrumentals from the new album, and some of their other punk songs, like "believe me", from the much better batch of punk on that EP. Or The Maestro, or god help us, professor booty

    don't get me wrong, both great shows. i just wanted to comment that it was surprising that even though they made specific claim that the gala events are goign to be very different from the regular shows, they really aren't so much

    3:30 PM Jordan, and ya don't stop said...

    i have a question for you guys -
    So Whatcha want started with Money Mark on organ and then he disappeared. Then MMM seemed to take the reigns and did a great job at throwing in all kids of different records and beats behind them, but it seemed like they were looking for Mark the whole time. then afterwards someone said they said they're going to go have talk during the set break.

    what's the deal? did Money Mark fuck the song up? was that supposed to happen, did it happen at other hip hop shows?

    12:30 AM Hot Sauce said...

    I believe Mark got a very important phone call.

    At the Hammerstein Ballroom show, the band referred to Mark as a "proud new papa."

    1:14 AM Jordan, and ya don't stop said...

    wow that's amazing! in that case, i'm glad to have been there for that moment. and the song was amazing even without him. MMM knows how to mix it up... masterfully.

    2:18 PM xxxjennyx said...

    I can't believe after allll these years that was the first time the Beastie Boys shouted "Helllllooooo Brooooooklynnnnn!!" in Brooklyn! I can't even get my brain around that one, but hey they did and wow, sure wished I couldda been there. Thanks to m2m it kinda seems like I was.

    2:55 PM Ike said...

    Loved this show! I was able to capture some decent is my link:


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