Los Beastie Boys in Los Feliz

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Opener: Peanut Butter Wolf

Time for Living
Remote Control [video]
Live at PJ's [video]
Off the Grid
Root Down
Triple Trouble
Sure Shot [video]
Shake Your Rump
Electric Worm (Horovitz dedicated the song to Nadia Dajani) [video]
Tough Guy
Super Disco Breakin'
Pass the Mic [video]
Body Movin'
Brass Monkey (Diamond said it was a special request by Davis and Skylar) [video]
B for My Name
Lighten Up
Egg Raid on Mojo [video]
3 MCs and 1 DJ (Before this song, Diamond talked up MMM's skills. Yauch asked if MMM knew how to play the ozephone.) [video]
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [video]
Ch-Check It Out [video]
So What'cha Want [video]
MMM Interlude
Intergalactic [video]
Heart Attack Man [video]
Sabotage (Before this song, Yauch said he had seen the film "11th Hour" the day before and recommended that everyone see it.)

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  • Audience recording of the show (via zshare.net)

    4:29 PM Danielle said...

    The set list is not changing much.

    I wonder if they get bored with performing the same songs every night.

    8:06 PM Saber said...

    they play what people want to hear

    8:09 PM Emily said...

    Nice pic of MCA laughing. He looks adorable!

    8:12 PM Emily said...

    What was he laughing about?

    9:19 PM Danielle said...

    How do the Beastie Boys know what fans like me want to hear?

    9:30 AM Dodger said...

    The guy who wrote about their shoes instead of the show needs to have his head examined.


    12:12 PM Hot Sauce said...

    If it were true that they played what fans wanted to hear, they'd play all the Licensed to Ill song.

    12:35 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Emily, Yauch was laughing at his two buddies' goofiness.

    4:39 PM dave790 said...

    Sure Shot, for example, get's a better response at every show i've been too or seen/heard than LTI tracks in my opinion.

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