Denver Gala Event Setlist

Denver Fillmore Gala Event setlist
The setlist is inaccurate. "Transitions" was not performed, and "3 MCs and 1 DJ" was performed before "Sabotage."

Based on the following photo, would you guess that I enjoyed the show more than the one the previous night?

You bet I did! There's no doubt about it: The Gala Events are superior.

Photos and review to come tomorrow.


12:54 AM Joseph P. Lawrence, Esq.(Opie) said...

Oh, man. Your blog is great. You seem to have all th einside dope on the Boys.
You got the D-double O, D-Double-O style, hoss.
Thank you much.
Zazen is the way

Thank you so much for the set lists+matching vids. Stay beastie.

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