Beastie Boys play Atlantic City's Borgata

We have been unable to locate much information on the Beastie Boys' Gala Event at the Borgata in Atlantic City. The Philadelphia Inquirer reviewed both the Philadelphia show and the Gala Event at the Borgata together, assessing the Gala Event as not as satisfying as the hip hop show. The Inquirer's wishy-washy review both praises the band and pans the Gala Event.

Live at PJ's
Remote Control [video]
Jimmy James
The Maestro [video]
Mark on the Bus [video]
Tough Guy
Sure Shot
So What'cha Want



3:55 PM pshabi said...

Mark on the Bus was not on the planned setlist but during a quiet time I yelled out: "Hey Mark, GET ON THE BUS!!!"

Adrock stepped aside and said something like, "Hey Mark, they want you to get on the bus," and he waved him down and they played it. It was very cool to pick a song for the setlist!!!!

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