Money Mark talks to Nuyorker

If you understand Spanish, you might enjoy reading Nuyorker's interview with Money Mark. In the interview, Mark talks about collaborating with other artists, reveals what his favorite Beastie Boys album is, and shares his opinion on immigration, among other things.

No hablo espaƱol? Try reading Babel Fish's English translation of the interview. For an online translation, it's not horrible.

Nuyorker states that it will be posting a video of the interview, which was conducted in English, soon.

(Thanks to X-man!)


11:54 PM David said...

The Beastie Boys are lucky to have Mark on their team. He is a great musician and guy.

9:53 AM Hot Sauce said...

^I agree completely.

12:56 PM Eric D said...

Check Your Head is everybody's favorite Beastie Boys album.

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