Beastie Boys at Boston Opera House

Hot Sauce stayed in Baltimore to see Day 2 of the Virgin Festival, so we don't have a personal report on Adam Yauch's birthday show.

Everybody singing "Happy Birthday" to Yauch!

Son of Neckbone
Live at PJ's [video]
Jimmy James/Happy Birthday
14th St. Break
Suco de Tangerina
Off the Grid
Ricky's Theme [video]
Song for the Man
In 3's [video]
Tough Guy
Egg Raid on Mojo
Remote Control
So What'cha Want
3 MC's and 1 DJ

  • Concert review by the Boston Herald
  • Dadrock (Horovitz' father) attends Yauch's birthday show
  • Photo gallery at
  • Concert review at JamBase



    10:05 AM Hot Sauce said...

    Awww, the happy birthday video is nice! I really wish I could have gone to Boston, but I committed to the Virgin Festival before they announced the Boston dates.

    10:08 AM loyola said...

    how cute!
    is that yauch's daughter?

    11:55 AM Danielle said...

    Yes, she is Yauch's daughter.

    The show was probably very special. I wish I could have gone.

    11:24 PM Saber said...

    the cake looks good

    3:28 PM Jordan, and ya don't stop said...

    here is the set list i wrote down as it happened, but admittedly i can't keep some of the instrumental titles straight and i wasn't able to identify how accurate this is

    Son of Neckbone?
    Live at PJs
    14th St. Break
    Futterman's Rule
    Remote Control
    Time for Living
    In 3s
    Lighten Up
    Root Down (and Get It)
    Groove holmes?
    Egg Raid on Mojo
    Transitions (i think)
    Ricky's Theme
    Song for the Man
    Jimmy James
    The Gala Event
    some other older instrumental
    Mark On The Bus
    Sabrosa (I think)
    Suco De Tangerina
    Do It
    Tough Guy
    Off The Grid
    Heart Attack man
    So Whatcha Want

    *birthday cake and toast*
    Sure Shot
    3 MC's and 1 DJ

    I think the Biz Vs the Nudge was in there somewhere, perhaps before Time For Livin as it is on the album

    Jimmy James was definitely the highlight for me.
    Song for the Man left something to be desired without the fantastic horns in the studio version, making clear that Ad Rock wasn't meant to be a singer.

    For all you new yorkers going to the Gala tonight, the BBoys said Boston was the best dressed crowd they'd seen so far.
    There was a dude there dressed full out in a kilt, and i actually saw him again at the brooklyn show. sadly, no kilt this time.

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