Beastie circus

"Mike D is going to walk on a tightrope. Adrock is actually going to be shot out of a cannon. I'll be doing some lion-taming. I would say these festivals can get pretty messy, but if it's not too muddy, I would say wear a suit. We're going to be wearing suits." chats with Adam Yauch about the Beastie Boys upcoming shows in the UK.


11:07 PM Klepto said...

i'd LOOOOVE to see MMM as the ringmaster (on stilts), mike juggling (while walking the tightrope!), horovitz taming lions (or making 'em disappear like siegfried and roy!), fredo spinning plates, $mark breathing fire/sword swallowing, goggles dressed up as a clown and shot out of a canon, and yauch flying on the trapeze!!!! (trapeze artists wear those really tight outfits, right?!) i'll be his safety net. ;D

also, hornblower would be riding a unicycle around the ring.

what a show that'd be!!! :D :D :D

5:02 PM Emily said...

The theme of the next tour should be a circus. :D

11:56 PM marc said...

The audience could dress like clowns.

9:36 AM Nick said...

Blog Day 2007 - recomended

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