DVD of UC Berkeley show

A DVD torrent of the Beastie Boys show at UC Berkeley on August 25, 2007, is currently being shared on Dimeadozen.org. You must have a DIME account to access this file. You may view a sample from the dvd here.


4:00 PM Drock said...

If you have a hard time getting an account, try to sign up every 15 minutes until you get one. Using this method you should have an account in under 2 hours.

11:16 AM Tommy D said...

Gotta love the ghetto wood shelf Adrock has for his "machine"...think Mark built that??

1:01 PM Drock said...

I am seeding it now on Traders Den for those who can't or won't get a Dime account.


1:12 PM Hot Sauce said...

Thanks, Drock!

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