L.A. show recordings available to download

Audience recordings of both the L.A. Greek Theatre show (August 19) and The Wiltern Gala Event (August 21) are available to download at Dimeadozen.org. You must have a DIME account to access these files.

Update: Easy downloads of the recordings are now available:
August 19, 2007 L.A. Greek Theatre (via zshare.net)

August 21, 2007 The Wiltern Gala Event (via zshare.net)


4:46 PM Alli said...

Thank you so much for those alternate links. I was going crazy not having a DIME account.

5:00 PM Ellen said...

Me too! Thanks alot!!!

6:04 PM Bill McEasy said...

thanks for posting the links

thanks to the tapers too

3:46 AM Jake said...

anyone know where the track bong bong bing bing goes in the setlist?

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