New Beastie Boys song on NBA Live 10

With the release date of Hot Sauce Committee still in question, the next chance to hear a song from the Beastie Boys' new album may come with a video game. One of the songs on Hot Sauce Committee, titled "Pop Your Balloon," is used in EA Sports' NBA Live 10. The game, which will be released on October 6 in Playstation 3, PSP, or Xbox 360 formats, is available to pre-order now. EA Sports is offering a free NBA Live 10 soundtrack with a reservation of the game. The bonus soundtrack is available if you reserve through the EA Sports online shop or from Gamestop (online and in-store).

View the full tracklist for the bonus soundtrack HERE.

Update: Due to licensing issues, the bonus soundtrack was downgraded to a sampler with 13 songs. The Beastie Boys song is NOT on the bonus CD.


11:57 AM Stunt D said...

SWEET!!! I wanted to get the game anyway.

1:44 PM Penny said...

Would it be wrong to buy my brother the game for his birthday present and keep the soundtrack for myself? ;P

8:28 PM Kevin said...

Any idea on when HSC will be released?

8:06 PM B-Boys#1fan said...

does the new album come out on sept. 15th?!?

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