Beastie Boy turns DJ for a night

Adam Horovitz will be DJing at the Tony Clifton and Vaginal Davis concert at Santos Party House in New York City next Monday (November 16). Horovitz will share DJ duties with wife Kathleen Hanna and Gibby Haines (Butthole Surfers). Tickets to this 18+ show cost $20 and may be purchased online at Ticketweb.

Presumably, Horovitz and Hanna were invited to DJ at Clifton's and Davis' concert when the couple attended a benefit party recently at NYC gallery Participant Inc., where Davis exhibited artwork and Clifton provided the entertainment.


4:48 PM Funkyfour said...


5:16 PM Fittonia said...

Adrock and Kathleen hang out with some unusual people.

6:28 PM Monopoly83 said...

Who's going? I'd like to hear Katrock DJ but I'm not sure I could handle the entire show. Not really my thing.

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