Beastie Boys on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" spoiler

So yeah. Beastie Boys are on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" tonight. Crazy me, I decided to try for a standby ticket for the show, which is not something I would recommend any sane person do because it requires enduring a lot of BS. I am happy to report that the "Luck o' the Beastie" was with me. After grueling hours of lines and check-ins at 30 Rockefeller Center, I made it into Studio 6B.

Here's a run-down of the pertinent parts of the show:
  • After his monologue, Fallon tells a story about his first Beastie Boys concert and meeting Yauch. It's actually a good story. I won't tell the story. You'll have to listen to Fallon tell it. From his story, Fallon shows that he is as much as a Beastie Boys geek as I am or anyone who reads this site. He later tells the Beastie Boys that they are his favorite band ever.
  • Beastie Boys enter the studio and mess with the seat cushions. Mike the Communicator, of course, takes the seat closest to Fallon. The Adams are relegated together on a sofa. Horovitz comments on Fallon's nice water cups. Horovitz hassles Fallon about having a laptop on his desk.
  • Fallon asks them about their new album. Mike responds by telling an elaborate (and false) story about recording multiple new albums on Paul Allen's yacht, as well as a submarine. Heard that one before? Yauch and Horovitz play along with the yacht gag by adding their two bits.
  • Fallon asks them to reveal the new album's title. Beastie Boys confirm that the album is, as they announced in their fan newsletter sent out earlier today, Hot Sauce Committee. Ta-da! Unfortunately, Fallon loses his concentration and forgets to ask anything more about the new album, except when it will be released. They reply, "In September" with some shtick.
  • Fallon pulls out the Check Your Head vinyl collector's set and asks about the bonus single. Horovitz points out that he included a special bonus single in Fallon's gift set -- an autographed one of a disco single. They explain that the non-"Lee Majors Come Again/B Boys in the Cut" singles that have been found in some of the CYH collector's set came from their personal collection.
  • Fallon asks them if they would be willing to perform a song from Check Your Head. The audience screams, and the Beastie Boys oblige with a performance of "So What'cha Want," backed by The Roots.
  • Beastie Boys exit the stage to The Roots playing "Paul Revere."
The end.

Maybe I forgot a thing or two, but I got up dang early for that standby ticket. Watch the show. It's on at 12:30 or some other time, depending upon where you live.

P.S. David Cook reminds me of that guy from Creed.

P.S.S. Fallon posted a pic of the Beastie Boys rehearsing with The Roots: