New Mix Master Mike album out soon

Mix Master Mike talks about his new album in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun. The album, titled Plasma Rifle, will be available next month, packaged with the DJ headphones that he designed for Skullcandy.

Mix Master Mike describes the new album as "instrumental, break bass, hip-hop, dubstep, scratch music. It's aggressive, it's a sound assault in terms of weaponry--take a bazooka launcher."

In the interview, Mix Master Mike reveals that, in addition to the new album and headphones design, he has a new mix CD, web site, and iPhone application coming out this fall.

In a second interview with the Sun, Mix Master Mike says that he hopes to be touring again with the Beastie Boys as early as December. "It just depends on my man's recovery," he says, referring to Adam Yauch.

Mix Master Mike will be performing at Blush Nightclub in Las Vegas this Sunday (Sept. 6).


11:37 AM Stunt D said...

I want Mixmaster's headphones & CD. I hope it's not a lot of $$$.

2:49 PM Kevin said...

A new cd and mix cd from MMM will be good. They will fill the void.

3:22 PM Emily said...

A Beastie Boys tour in December would be great because it would mean MCA is 100% healthy! That's the most important thing. I hope he is working on getting healthy.

6:14 PM Trevor said...

Wow! Mix Master Mike does not slow down. I look forward to hearing his new music.

9:11 AM kjnuro said...

any idea what the headphones will cost? thanks..

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