Beastie Boys live at Rams Head setlist

Root Down
Skills to Pay the Bills
Sure Shot
Alright Hear This
No Sleep til Brooklyn
Shake Your Rump
Egg Raid on Mojo
Big vs Nuge (with Biz)
Time for Living
B for My Name
Lee Majors Come Again (sounded exactly like recording)
Remote Control
Body Movin
B Boys in the Cut (MMM provided soul groove beats)
Flute Loop
Pass the Mic
Right Right Now Now
Check It Out
Ricky's Theme
Lighten Up
Off the Grid
Something's Got to Give
Benny & the Jets (Biz singing with Yauch, Mike, & Fredo playing song)
Tough Guy
So Whatcha Want
Heart Attack Man (performed first by Country Mike on acoustic guitar then by the Beastie Boys)
3 MC's & 1 DJ

Photos & more info to come.


12:36 PM Emiel said...

looks like a great show, if I read this list!

1:07 PM facedownfall said...

Did they play instruments on Lee Majors or did they just use a sample of them playing?

I'd love to see a video of them rapping and playing their instruments on this song.

2:37 PM Hot Sauce said...

They played instruments on Lee Majors. For B Boys in the Cut, they were on the mic only, with MMM providing the musical accompaniment. The new instrumental at is not a match to the a capella. I'm not sure why people thought it was. If you heard Bboys ever do the Larry routine, you would know that the words could only go with hip-hop beats.

3:00 PM Mike from DC said...

This show was sick last night! Thanks for putting together the set list. I was really feeling the new 2 tracks from Hot Sauce.

LOVED seeing them do Biz v Nuge and Benny & the Jets with Biz!

6:28 PM Voodoochild044 said...

The show was CRAZY FUN!

I gotta echo Mike on you guys posting the setlist, big ups! Biz doing Biz V Nuge and Benny & The Jets was everything youd think it would be with only 1500 of the Beasties closest friends in close quarters. Biz was pretty good on the decks after he got into his groove choppin and messin around with Bob's Legend accapella's. I cant remember which Zeppelin track he was teasing and dropped, I wanna say Misty Mountain Hop, but I was good and oiled by then, does anyone remember?

Overall, it was pry one of the best shows ive ever seen out of atleast 50 different shows. The Beasties can still bring it 100% and they rocked the ish out of a wide range of the catalog of music. Quite frankly im glad they didnt waste time with "Girls" and dug deeper and played "Heart Attack Man" like they were on a mission to make your ears bleed.

6:54 PM Fittonia said...

Wow what a setlist! And Country Mike! I am green with envy.

7:11 PM funkyfour said...

when did biz markie get added?

8:06 PM Kelly said...

Beastie Boys were absolutely fantastic! My bf and I had a wonderful time at the concert. We looked for you Hot Sauce. We wanted to say hello but there were so many people, it was impossible to find anyone. Do you know what the holdup was getting into the club?

9:38 PM xavier said...

awesome set list! I'm jelaous!

10:52 PM Voodoochild044 said...

Biz was as secret as the show was up until my friend saw him walking around the back on the night of the show.

10:55 PM Voodoochild044 said...

P.S. The holdup was with all the tickets being will-call and alphabetical. The staff at the end of the line wasnt as clear as the guys up towards the front as far as moving people along alphabetically.

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