Beastie Boys at the Orange Peel

This nine minute video captures the first four songs performed at the show in Asheville, North Carolina.

The Biz vs The Nuge
Time for Livin'
Remote Control [VIDEO]
Root Down [VIDEO]
Sure Shot [VIDEO]
Super Disco Breakin'
Posse in Effect [VIDEO]
Shake Your Rump
Electric Worm
Lee Majors Come Again
Transit Cop
Body Movin'
B Boys in the Cut
Do It (with Biz Markie) [VIDEO]
Pass the Mic
So What'cha Want
Ricky's Theme
Lighten Up
Egg Raid on Mojo
Tough Guy
Benny and the Jets (with a shirtless Biz Markie) [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO // and ANOTHER]
Mix Master Mike solo [VIDEO]
3 MC's & 1 DJ [VIDEO]
Country Mike / Heart Attack Man
Mark on the Bus (Not on the setlist. It was a request by Mike D.)

There's a video montage with Time for Livin', Remote Control, Root Down, Sure Shot, Body Movin', Posse in Effect, Shake Your Rump, Gratitude, Sabrosa, So What'cha Want, Intergalactic, and Sabotage. Fast-forward to 6:30 to see Adam Horovitz' dance moves.



1:26 AM Saber said...

Cool 2nd show setlist! What did Mixmaster Mike's solo sound like?

1:38 AM Hot Sauce said...

I'm guessing it was the same thing that he played to open the Baltimore show. It sounded, Mix Master Mike magic.

2:01 AM Fittonia said...

WTF is wrong with the people in the audience? They look bored in the vids. If I was there I would have been so excited I'd whip my top off like the Biz.

5:40 AM USB said...

It was a weird, mixed-up crowd (just like this town.) I've been listening to these guys since '86 and have never gotten a chance to see them before this show, so the opportunity to see Biz, MMM, Money Mark AND the Beasties in a 900 person venue couldn't have been better. There were some flubbed lines and other (equipment) issues, but overall was probably the best first experience one could have. Despite the comments from the Baltimore show (my hometown, btw), everyone on stage seemed to be having a blast, laughing, cutting up, and even removing their shirts (thanks, Biz!). The set list was almost everything i could have wanted, was way glad to see Egg Raid on Mojo, i'm a punk/hardcore kid at heart. The ticketing procedure sucked, Ticketweb can bite me, and mad thanks to the people that helped me get my ticket (even if i couldn't be sure i was going until 3 hours before the show.) Everything aside, one of my favorite shows in a good long time.

5:46 AM USB said...

also, we did get both versions of Heart Attack Man, Country Mike and the full-on crusher :)

8:03 AM E-Z Dave said...

Dang, why aint nobody filming the new cuts? :O

9:43 AM Hot Sauce said...

There's video of MMM's solo now. See link above.

10:10 AM Hot Sauce said...

@E-Z Dave: In Baltimore, the Rams Head staff were all over anyone who tried to shoot video -- even cameraphone video -- which is why so little video has surfaced from that show. It seems the Orange Peel wasn't so strict about cameras. Give it more time, and we might see some video of the new songs.

10:26 AM Lon Chaney said...

I bet it was a crusher..alot more hardcore tracks at this show than Baltimore. The club setting probably made them think of the old days.

10:36 AM funkyfour said...

no tt5b represented....not even check it out

1:24 PM Hot Sauce said...

@USB: We're looking for a scan of a ticket from the Orange Peel show for the archive. We would appreciate if you could send us one!

4:07 PM Kevin said...

The setlists for the two shows amaze me. I didn't expect that kind of show. I hope they will do more shows like them. I will try harder to get tickets next time.

6:42 PM USB said...

@HotSauce: headed to work, but i'll scan it in after i get home. Where should i send it?

7:27 PM Hot Sauce said...

@USB: Great! You can email it to

Thank you!

9:08 PM Fittonia said...

I'm chomping to see some video of the new songs too. When's the last time they didn't play a TT5B track at a show?

9:28 PM nycneil said...

First there's Country Mike & now Quasar seems to be coming out of hiding. A Quasar show would be the ultimate music experience. B Boys ARE bringing it back to A7!

9:34 PM Hot Sauce said...

@Fittonia: TT5B has usually been represented with at least one song (typically "Ch-Check It Out" or "Triple Trouble") at their hip-hop shows since the release of the album. Some of the Gala Events didn't have any TT5B songs on the setlist. The Chicago and Detroit Gala Events were the last two that were TT5B-free.

3:41 AM USB said...

@HotSauce: 6/10/09 Orange Peel ticket scan in your mailbox :)

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