Adam Yauch featured in awareness calendar

Each year the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas (DSACT) publishes a calendar that shows celebrities and individuals with Down syndrome sharing a passion. The organization's goal is to show that people with Down syndrome have passions, hobbies, and interests like anyone else. For its 2010 calendar, the DSACT recruited Adam Yauch to participate.

The DSACT will unveil the photos that appear in the calendar at a gala event this Saturday, September 19, from 5-9 pm at the Rough Hollow Yacht Club in Lakeway, Texas. The event is free and open to the public.

The calendar costs $12 and is available for pre-order at The organization will begin mailing calendars next week.

The DSACT tells us that, for Yauch's calendar page, he and his friend Lance share their passion of the outdoors.


8:28 PM Emily said...

He's a big softie! <3

11:03 PM j8rt88 said...

WHen did he do this? Recently????

11:45 PM Hot Sauce said...

I have no idea when he posed for the photo. Does it matter when?

7:30 AM Penny said...

This story made me so happy. My uncle has DS. He's the best uncle ever! I can't wait to get the calendar and see MCA's photo.

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