Free Mix Master Mike show in Chicago

Here's some good news for Beastie Boys fans who are attending Lollapalooza. Mix Master Mike will be performing at Belmont Army, a vintage clothes store in Chicago, on August 6 from 6-8 pm. This is a Lollapalooza FREE show, sponsored by Adidas.

Update: According to the schedule at his management's site, MMM will also be playing the RiNo in Chicago on August 6 and the Manor, also in Chicago, on August 7. Both places are "guest list nightclubs"--not really the kind of place the average MMM/Beastie Boys fan would want or could even get into.


2:25 PM Spiffy D said...

Mix Master solo shows are a lot of fun. He spins all kinds of stuff and never does the same thing twice. And of course he's the best turntablist in the world. It's cool to see him in a smaller club rather than the usual huge venues. Most recently I saw him perform at a Bboys afterparty on the Pageant Tour and he blew the roof off the sucka.

3:44 PM Tim Mafus said...

I was crushed when Beastie Boys canceled Lolla. They were my main reason for going. A free Mix Master Mike show erases my disappointment.

Get well soon MCA!

7:05 PM Jason said...

I don't have the money for Lollapalooza tickets but I can afford this show! Thanks for letting me know about this show. I haven't heard anything it locally.

10:56 PM TedHead said...

Mix Master Mike on his own is mindblowing. I won't miss this show.

5:11 PM Blush Nightclub said...

Mix Master Mike spinning a live set Labor Day Sunday September 6th at Blush Nightclub in Las Vegas!!

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