The Young and Skinny Joke Band

Beastie Boys at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, 1984
You started out as a big fat joke band, right?

Kate Schellenbach: Yeah, a big fat joke band.

Michael Diamond: We still are except now we lost weight, so we're a skinny joke band.
9th Beastie, my colleague and pal, recently acquired a 1984 punk fanzine with an interview with the Beastie Boys. The band -- then comprised of Adam Yauch, Michael Diamond, Kate Schellenbach, and a young man calling himself Adam O'Keefe -- share what they had for breakfast that day, their plans for the future, the names of their favorite clubs, what they got for Christmas (Mike: I got a lot of Mr. T things for Christmas. Mr. T was big under the Christmas tree this year.), and other very important things. This material is what we refer to as "classic Beastie Boys."

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Punk 'zine 1984 - Cover Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 1

Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 2 Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 3

Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 4 Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 5

Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 6


12:08 PM funkyfour said...

funny shit

12:34 PM Danielle said...

Adam Yauch has changed so much from the early days. Meanwhile Mike sounds exactly the same and Adrock looks the same.

Thank you for posting the article.

3:52 PM Saber said...

Yauch's car sounds pretty sweet.

4:40 PM W. Weasel said...

'Champagne, caviar and bubblebaf'

luv it

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