Update from Adam Yauch

For everyone who has been anxious for another update on how Adam Yauch is doing, this was sent out in an e-mail today by the man himself. Good news! He's healthy, happy, and smiling!
hey all,

so i just got back from dharamsala, india. went over there to see some tibetan doctors, but as it worked out, the Dalai Lama was giving a 3 day teaching, so i was able to attend that as well.

i'm feeling healthy, strong and hopeful that i've beaten this thing, but of course time will tell. i'm taking tibetan medicine and at the recommendation of the tibetan doctors i've been eating a vegan/organic diet, which surprisingly enough was harder to do in india than it is now that i'm back home. here i can just shop for the right food and cook... a lot easier than depending on restaurants.

when i was in india i visited an ani gompa (a nunnery) called jamyang choling. they did a puja (religious ceremony) for me to help me get well. one nun said to me "we do prayers and then you are better." so i've got that going for me, which is nice.

i will put a link to their web site (below) but it doesn't do justice to how amazing it is to actually go there and hang out with them. i sponsor a few nuns at jamyang choling. there are about 125 nuns there now and more keep joining. when i first met them i think there were only 13 and they were living in some abandoned cow sheds. then they bought some land with some donations, and with more donations they started building rooms for housing, classrooms, a prayer hall, 2 stoopas..... they now live on a beautiful complex in this incredibly lush, peaceful patch of land in lower dharamsala. cows walking around, birds singing, they are growing mangoes and bananas, and they have a whole garden where they grow herbs and vegetables.

i asked how many nuns still need sponsorship. they said 50. it's about $350 a year to sponsor a nun if you are interested.


we have not set a new release date for the record yet, but i'm hoping it'll be in the first half of next year. looking forward to that, but in the meantime, i'm just enjoying a little downtime in massachusetts, taking walks in the woods and hanging out with the family.... still doing a little work related to oscilloscope, watching screeners and attending some screenings, but for the most part, just laying low.

if you are interested i'll send out some little updates every now and then on the oscilloscope twitter account.

thanks again for all of the well wishes and prayers, and the letters were great too, brought a smile to my face reading them.

talk to you soon,


4:55 PM Danielle said...

I'm glad to hear he is doing well. He is so nice to think of fans and give us an update. I hope his recovery continues to be positive.

5:16 PM marcopolo said...

he sounds like he found god or somethun...whatever gets him better..good luck mca!

5:33 PM Hot Sauce said...

Only an update from Yauch could bring Klepto out of hiding to post.

6:16 PM funkyfour said...

good to hear from yauch.i hope he's taking western meds with the tibetan meds. its not good to put all your trust in herbs & prayers.

8:15 PM Fittonia said...

When I saw the subject line in my inbox I expected it to be an Oscilloscope film announcement. It's awesome he went to INdia. It's even more awesome he's thinking about the future and getting back to biz instead of retiring or staying in slow mode. More power to him!!

11:57 AM Spiffy D said...

It was great to get such a personal message from Yauch. Hope he continues to get better.

funkyfour - true dat.

12:11 PM Danielle said...

My guess is the Tibetan medicine is to counter the effects of the radiation treatment, not be a cancer cure.

5:11 PM Anonymous said...

Cripes, first half of next year! Nooooooo! I want my BBoys album now! Waaaaaah!

7:30 PM Penny said...

MCA's email made me sooo happy!! I didn't care about getting a CD update, I only wanted to hear how he's doing. I'm happy he is getting better. It's nice he mentioned reading our letters. I hope he got mine.

11:43 AM Spiffy D said...

I agree, Penny. Screw the CD, let's see Yauch make a full recovery. Some things are more important than music. Not many, but some.

3:55 PM BobbyTwoTone said...

Well at least we have Pop Your Balloon to keep us hungry for more!!!!

10:51 AM Hot Sauce said...

I don't have much time to contribute to M2M right now, but I want to add some info to the update from Yauch.

About the time Yauch wrote and sent out the email update, he was seen at a party in NYC for the film "The Messenger," which is being distributed by Oscope. A person who attended the party said Yauch looked healthy.

12:15 AM spanky los angeles said...

adam to hear you apoligize for having to cancel the tour because of dealing with cancer on youtube tells me that you are a very humble and kind person i have always been a fan but after seing that interview you guys real are what cool is one of my best friends has cancer and it is hard for him too,my prayers go to everyone that deals with sickness,,thank you for always being a insperation by yourself and the group to me tell torta that plays bongos with you guys it said hello,,,much love and respect

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