Yo, what's happenin'?

There has been a lull in updates at Mic to Mic due to the Beastie Boys inactivity. All we can give readers today is an update about what the individual band members have been up to lately.

Adam Horovitz has been devoting his time to shared activities with his wife, Kathleen Hanna. They are both blogging (HIS and HERS) and have been spotted attending local NYC events together. This week, Horovitz made a spectacle of himself at the "Our Hit Parade" show at Joe's Pub, where he shared a front-of-stage table with Kathleen. According to one audience member, Horovitz kanyed the show, grabbing the mic from the performers to address the audience. We're awaiting video of Horovitz' shenanigans.

Horovitz was also spotted at the recent Passion Pit/Phoenix concert in Central Park. We hear he was a dancin' fool. His other activities of late have been walking his dog and playing softball.

Like Horovitz, Mike Diamond has been focusing on the family. He spent the summer with his wife Tamra Davis and their children in Malibu, where Mike was spotted surfing on a regular basis. Mike continues to support Tamra's internet cooking show, appearing more prominently in it than he has in past. (See the latest episode HERE.)

Next week Mike will be involved with "Magic, Martinis, and Mario," a fund-raising event for the Mario Batali Foundation at Del Posto in NYC. We're not exactly sure what he's doing other than attending, but his name has been bandied about in publicity for the event. Tickets for the fund-raiser are available HERE.

The person every fan wants to hear about is, of course, Adam Yauch. Although there haven't been any new updates on his health (No news is good news, right?), there have been sightings of him out and about in NYC. As all of the sightings have been at food joints, we believe the sightings to be factual. Yes, the news we have on Yauch is he's eating.

Mix Master Mike is still touring non-stop. The newest date added to his performance schedule is at Rok Vegas on October 3 (that's today!) in Las Vegas, which is an afterparty show for the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth expo. Last month Mix Master Mike promised big things for fans in October, including his Skullcandy earphones design, a new album, and a new web site. His old web site has already been removed, and an announcement of the new site is in place. Keep yours ears and eyes open for announcements from Mix Master Mike.

Money Mark has stayed busy by collaborating with other artists and blogging on Tumblr, where he has been sharing photos and stories about his world travels and musical friends. Mark has a upcoming release to note. "Robo Dancing," a song he wrote for an appearance on the children's television show "Yo Gabba Gabba!", is on a compilation album titled Yo Gabba Gabba: Music Is Awesome. The album will be released on October 20.