Adam Yauch is interviewed in the current issue of Time Out London:
Music - 10 things you didn't know about ... MCA
Interview: Eddy Lawrence

Adam Yauch, aka MCA, is 33.3 recurring per cent of the Beastie Boys, who play the Roundhouse this Thursday and Friday

He's excited about playing the Roundhouse
'Didn't the Ramones have a show there that had a big impact on a lot of people? I heard that like, most of the British punk bands were formed at that show. Well, let's hope we don't drag the good name of the Roundhouse down into the dirt.'

He can't tell whether UK press likes him or not
'It seems like the music press will do one thing, like Melody Maker and all that, and the tabloids will start writing negative stuff. It's swung back and forth more than a few times.'

He doesn't understand the band's early success either
'Licensed To Ill' is a weird record. It's kind of a surprise that it jumped into the mainstream in the way it did. It's a bizarre record, but it hit a nerve.'

The band's next album, 'Paul's Boutique', was buried by the nefarious machinations of Donny Osmond ...
'We went in to meet the head of the label and told him we were really excited, and he just said: "Nah, forget it. We have a new Donny Osmond record coming out next week." We're still ready to go at it, if Donny still wants to. We'll have an MC battle with him right now.'

He fought the first court case to use the word 'sampling'
'I think so, anyway. There weren't any real precedents for that stuff and there was no terminology, and we had to figure it out. And now it's just a mess.'

He'd actually love to play China
'I hope we do, at some point. I'd love to. I'm not sure if they would let us in or not because of the Tibetan Freedom Concerts.'

He feels some responsibility for the rise of rap-rock
Goatee metal? Yeah, well if we can get a plaque for that we can hang up in the studio, that'd nice. A mounted Fred Durst head, that'd be nice.

He hasn't yet adjusted to being an 'elder statesman' of rap
It is weird, you see kids in the audience who are younger than the band. The band's been together for like, 26, 27 years, and there are kids out in the audience who are teenagers. It's extreme to think that when they were growing up, a lot of those albums were already old news.

He owes Time Out a hydraulic penis, bought from the band in Lisbon many years ago ...
'The collective band's one? How much did you buy it for? One dollar? What's the exchange rate with that? Well, you know, we've had it in storage, so that means you're paying the storage charges, so you owe us quite a bit of money. It's in good shape, though. We take it out every now and then and test the hydraulics, so it's in working order.'


5:39 PM paulbonardelli said...

I resent that comment against my man Fred Durst... what does Yauch got against the man.

6:43 PM Hot Sauce said...

LOL. I knew you wouldn't like that comment, Paul.

6:52 PM paulbonardelli said...

of course not, he hasnt explained what he has against the guy. Fred Durst is a beastie boys fan too. I do love Yauchy though.

7:18 PM Klepto said...

he's my yauchykins, beeyotch!! :P

7:18 PM Kevin said...

Fred Durst was born to be a joke.

7:23 PM Hot Sauce said...

Klepto, your admiration of Yauch pales in comparison to Paul's admiration of him. ;D

7:42 PM Klepto said...

paul can go smooch on fred durst lol

omg yauchisms totally make me think of...yauchgasms...!!!

1:02 AM burzootie said...

Newton v. Diamond, the case Yauch's talking about, wasn't the first case on sampling. There was Grand Upright (Biz Markie), Ruff N' Tumble Management, and Williams v. Broadus (Snoop Dogg). It was though, as far as I know, the first circuit court case, which means it's the first to have any legal precedential effect. I'm pretty sure, although I'd have to go back and re-read them, that some or all of those cases use the word sampling, as well.

10:14 AM Hot Sauce said...

Yauch is just jealous because Mike gets credited for "mullet." He's trying to claim his own word. ;D

10:43 AM Saber said...

that's only 9 things about mca

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