The final Gala Event

It's a sad day. There will be no more Gala Events. Tonight's Gala Event at The Riveria in Chicago was the last of the special instrumental shows.

Chicago got special treats in the form of a performance of "Funky Boss" and "High Plains Drifter."

Like the Detroit Gala Event, the Chicago Gala Event was filmed for a possible dvd.

Son of Neckbone [video // alternate video]
Groove Holmes
Jimmy James [video // alternate video // yet another video]
Suco de Tangerina [video of false start // video]
Live at PJ's [video]
Futterman's Rule [video]
Time for Living [video // alternate video (includes Remote Control)]
Remote Control [video]
Electric Worm
Do It [video // alternate video]
14th Street Break [video]
Ricky's Theme [video]
In 3's
Off the Grid [video]
Egg Raid on Mojo [video // alternate video]
The Gala Event [video // alternate video]
Root Down & Get It [video]
Mark on the Bus [video // alternate video]
Shambala [video]
B for My Name
Lighten Up
Tough Guy
Gratitude [video // alternate video (also includes The Maestro & Sabrosa)]
The Maestro
Sabrosa [video]
Heart Attack Man [video]
Funky Boss
So What'cha Want [video (includes a bit of Funky Boss)]
Sure Shot
3 MCs and 1 DJ [video // alternate video // yet another video]
High Plains Drifter (one verse with instruments)[video]
*Song request for Boomin' Granny [video]
Sabotage [video // alternate video // yet another video // video of robot dancing]


DSC05149 DSC05152

  • Concert review by the Chicago Sun-Times ("whale calls"?)
  • Concert review by the Chicago Tribune

    2:03 PM pinkysue said...

    I just wanted to say to all those who were at the final dates of this tour-i so envy you!! I,m in the U.K and was at Bestival which blew me away_i hadn't seen the boys for a while and now i just need more. Hope many of you got to do many of the dates-keep up the good work-it's all good x xpinkysue

    3:47 PM realifry said...

    Going out in style. Funky Boss and High Plains Drifter? Lucky bastards! lol

    3:55 AM j e n n y said...

    Heheheh, the robot!

    4:13 PM Dale said...

    Even though they made a lot of mistakes, it was a fantastic show. My friend who was dressed to impress got interviewed on camera about his outfit.

    8:10 AM Steve said...

    The robot was funny.

    10:39 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Someone who filmed the entire Detroit Gala Event supplied the setlist to me. Both the Chicago and Detroit Gala Events had the exact same setlist for filming purposes. Chicago, however, got a few extra gems.

    5:26 PM steve said...

    who was the robot guy? anyone know?

    3:03 PM YearofMusic said...

    I got a picture after the show with the 'Robot Guy". The poor thing looked so hot I hated to ask him to don his suit again, but I did, and he did!!!

    I'm glad you all are enjoying our videos. I have posted a few more.

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