Beastie Boys at Brixton Academy (night 2)

Photo by Fabbio

Opener: Spank Rock

MMM Intro
Super Disco Breakin' [video (with MMM Intro & Sure Shot)]
Sure Shot
No Sleep Til Brooklyn
Posse in Effect
Time for Living
Live at PJ's
Remote Control
B for My Name
Body Movin'
Ch-Check It Out
Paul Revere [video]
Pass the Mic
Egg Man
Egg Raid on Mojo
Off the Grid
Suco de Tangerina
Tough Guy
Root Down [video // alternate video]
Triple Trouble
Hello Brooklyn
So What'cha Want
3 MCs and 1 DJ [video // alternate video]
Shambala [video]
Heart Attack Man
MMM Interlude [video]
Intergalactic [video]
Sabotage [video // alternate video]

Opinion (via Blog Search)*
*Uncredited on purpose

"At some points, MCA looked so tired, like he wanted to go home and read a book, and the sound wasn't too great, but come on, it's the Beasties, who cares?!"

"Age definitely has not withered them. Musicianship and live band feel is the best I’ve ever seen them. With both Money Mark and Mix Master Mike on board, they are unassailable. Genre-hopping exquisitely from thrash to funk to hip hop and pogo pounding energy. Slightly let down by current fixation on instrumental tracks."

"Mostly a very enjoyable experience, they did put on a good show, and basically were doing greatest hits from every era. However, the sound sucked arse. Loud vocals, very quiet beats. As a big fan of their DJ Mix Master Mike, this was particularly annoying."

"The 'boys' were on top form, and just looked like they were having a brilliant time, with the audience in the palm of their collective hand. The set was a mix of old hits plus occasional instrumentals taken from their new album. The balance worked really very well, with just the right number of pauses and really gave the crazy hits room to breathe. Reminds you they started out as a 'proper' band too, and have some skills on the instruments, but more so as songwriters and showmen."



10:36 AM Bitterbob said...

Egg Man for real? They didn't play it at any of the U.S. shows. >:(

10:43 AM Hot Sauce said...

You are correct. They have not played "Egg Man" at any of the U.S. shows for this tour.

I guess I heard it in Poland, although I don't remember so...

5:00 PM friis said...

It's been said before, and it's going to be said again, but WOW, Mike's hair keeps amaze me.

7:31 PM Danielle said...

Very nice photo of Mike!

I too am mesmerized by Mike's hair. Is he wearing new sunglasses?

8:59 PM Saber said...

Why aren't you at the shows with Midzi?

9:03 PM Hot Sauce said...

I had my fill of the tour.

9:11 PM Neil said...

Fantastic show!

The entire floor became a moshpit for Sabotage.

6:39 PM Ian said...

All I'l say is "No Sleep Til Brixton!"

8:44 AM Paul Weeden said...

The gig rocked!!

One thing I'd be really interested to know is whether you can download (legally) a recording of the gig - as I was an hour late and want to hear the bits I missed!



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