Beastie Boys invite fans to film their Gala Event experiences

Beastie Boys are inviting fans with tickets to the final two Gala Events in Detroit and Chicago to bring their video cameras to the shows and document their experiences. The invitation was delivered in the band's official e-newsletter:
dear patrons of the arts,

we are planning to document the last 2 gala event shows of this tour. but we are also interested in your experience of getting ready for the shows to get another perspective on the events.

so if you have tickets for either the detroit (sept 25th) or chicago (sept 26th) gala event shows, and you own a video camera, please begin to document your preparations for the show.

if you are shopping for an outfit, or picking one out from your closet, getting mentally and physically prepared for the show, doing your squat thrusts or drinking margaritas... whatever it is that you do in the days, hours, minutes, leading up to the show, please document it. you can also bring your camera to the show to record your arrival, hanging out at the show, leaving, driving home..... of course we are not looking to to make AIFST! But you are welcome to use your camera to document your experience at the show.

and then send us the footage, and we will try to include it in our film of the show.

if you want to register to be a part of this, please email us at this address - - and put "GALA EVENT 2007" in the subject line.

as always, thank you for your patronage, and we'll see you on the ice.

beatsie boys


7:05 PM j e n n y said...

AAAArrrrghhhh, omg I'm freaking out. That's so rad, I wannnnnna go to the Chitown one so bad it hurts. Whoa, I hope to GOD the Wiltern footage is added to this whatever they've (or dare I say Yauch) got cookin.

7:50 AM steve said...

Who is going to do this?

9:32 AM Eric D said...

I emailed to register for it. I didn't get a reply. Should I have gotten one?

5:23 PM Hot Sauce said...

I don't know anything about it.

You'd think you'd get a reply. Maybe your email didn't go thru? Try again.

3:39 PM Eric D said...

Fuck it. Someone else can do it.

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